Former Slaves


Descendants of former Wookie, Noghri, and human slaves.

They greatly valued honor and loyalty. Therefore, their notion of “family” encompassed much more than just blood ties. A part of that most sacred tradition was the social institution of life debt: when a Wookiee’s life was saved by someone else, regardless of the species, they would frequently devote themselves to a lifetime of service to their savior and their family. Through the mechanism of the life debt, the People of the Stars used to develop unbreakable bonds with their boon companions and true friends, forming a “honor family.”

A clans dukha, or meeting place at the center of a village, was where the leader usually resided. Dukha were considered somewhat sacred, belonging also to the ancestors of the clan.

As regards politics, the groups scattered through the ship were each led by a Dunast or Elder who oversaw the civil and military matters of his community. Those leaders occupied a high position at the local scale, and were entitled to cancel the celebration of sacred holidays.





Former Slaves

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