The Sith, 3801 BBY

In the three centuries that followed the Jedi Civil War, the Empire began a massive acceleration of their plans for their invasion into the Republic. While working in the shadows and bidding their time, the Emperor was responsible for establishing a network of spies and infiltrators who entered Republic space in order to prepare the way for the coming war.

Imperial Contacts:

The Emperor’s Voice: The host of the Spirit of The Emperor.
Lord Scourge: The Wrath of The Emperor.
Darth Remok: Academy Administrator. Descendant of Ludo Kressh. Sith Lord.
Darth Narciss: Master of Sith Sorcery. Descendant of Odile Vaiken. Founder of the Imperial Military.
Overseer Manmoth: Master of Sciences.
Overseer Lumier: Lightsaber Master.
Overseer Klef: Gruff Force Master.
Overseer Fane: Master of Interrogation.
The Spirit of Kel’eth Ur: Mad Spirit.

Galactic Contacts:

Jedi Master Ovair (Deep Cover) – Imperial Infiltrators, Coruscant
Fat Tonby


Heavily-modified Dynamic-class Freighter, Registry 34-P7JK


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The Sith, 3801 BBY

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