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Session 01

Mission Logs Session 02

The Mission: Spend up to one standard year conducting a minimum of six months of surveillance. Gather data, both overt and covert, from no fewer than fifty sources. At least ten sources must be Republican in origin.

The Ship: A Corellian Vanguard-Class light corvette named The Silver Didiford.

The corvette can be flown by a single pilot, and it is equipped with heavy shielding, two sets of dual laser cannons, and missiles. The ship’s interior is laid out over two decks, and a secure holoterminal, transceiver, multiple conference rooms, and a medbay are among the vessel’s numerous amenities.

The Crew:

Excerpts from Kalaa Maa’s Observation Log +7xp

General Entry 012, Date REDACTED
Location: Shared Area of the The Silver Didiford.(Corellian Vanguard-Class)

I have met the crew of our ship and my fellow Sith apprentices. As to be expected, the apprentices are wary of each other. After all, for all we know one of us has been told to murder all the others on board or given some task by their master that involves violence of some sort. We are still disposable tools at the moment, so why not throw us out like active grenades and see what happens. I’m quite glad by mission is simply to REDACTED.

Other than myself, there are three of us. The Miralukan’s chest personality is interesting. He is keeping a stern and cool demeanor until either he thinks he has figured us out or slips up. I have not known many Miralukans but I know to be careful around him, if only because I may not see what he sees with his sightless understanding of the world. I wonder how he flies that ship of his.
The human, Cerun Tate, is a roguish brute or a brutish rogue, which I am not yet sure. I will have to see him in action to understand if he focuses on challenges with intelligence and planning or his short-sighted immediate desires and urges. One way or another, I think he may be a bomb. It has yet to be seen if he has a short or a long fuse.

Surprisingly, there is another Togruta. One Shojo Kato. I have not… interacted with many of my people in a long while. At least outside of a lab environment and that was a particularly… one-sided sort of interaction. One can’t tolerate too much chatter from the lab rats. Ms. Kato seems to have some wits about her. You can tell she is a fighter like the human but she carries herself with more grace. She is a martial artist more than a brutish killer. Though, of course, the two needn’t be mutually exclusive.

I have less of a sense of the crew, though I do feel that they, perhaps, resent… babysitting apprentices. For all our training, we are to my knowledge inexperienced in the sort of work these people do. They are military soldiers. They are professional while the machinations of Sith and the squabbles of apprentices are often anything but. The trooper Jakkar is delicious at least is attempting to lubricate the tension between the apprentices. Getting the others to play cards is definitely babysitting but at least it seems effective. Too bad he’s… cavorting with his fellow trooper Boza.

General Entry 017, Date REDACTED
Location: Engine Block 2 of The Silver Didiford.

After the apprentices noticed a sound from the shared area, I quickly went to the cockpit to alert the pilot. A quick scan revealed unknown objects on both the engines located on the sides of the ship. As the objects were on the pressurized inside and not in the void outside, I returned as fast as I could to move through the wall and get to the object on the starboard side. It is disturbing that, given where it was located, the object was likely not attached after takeoff. I reached the object, which was a bomb of some sort, removed it, and threw it out a small airlock. Shoja worked on the port side but was unfortunately unable to remove the bomb on the other engine. Confirming what I thought about her martial ability, she was able to leap out of the way of the explosion. I guess there are some advantages to training in the dojo rather than the lab. I would have expected the Miraluka to have been with us but he was in the cockpit. Strange. Cerun stood by, since I guess this was a problem that slashing or shooting was unsuited too.

While Haro has a recording of the bombs’ sounds, I only looked at the device itself for a moment before ejecting it. No useful identification could be made. Durky should have got up from cargo so I could have a second set of eyes. Now he one blackened. Not by me. By the turbulence of the explosion.

Kast is out in his ship now, scouting the surroundings. I am eager to hear of what he finds outside.

Mission Logs


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