Ex:SWTOR 2, There is only Passion

Session 03

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Excerpts from Kalaa Maa’s Observation Log

General Entry 022, Date REDACTED
Location: Automated Manufacturing Station # REDACTED

As expected, the hyper-drive was gigantic and impossible to move, let alone attach to the Silver Didiford. More fortuitously, finding the ships manufacturing facilities was not difficult. Interestingly, the general ease of use seemed to match what we found in the bay with the docking procedure, meaning everything was as automated as possible. Almost all Ms. Kato had to do was put in a schematic for a loader and the drive and the machinery came to life and started to get to work. It will take more than a week, which is both impressively quick, given that a hyper-drive is being made, and infuriatingly long, as this mean we are stranded here for the interim.

Stranded but not alone. To access the manufacturing console, we had to clear through the detritus of recent squatters. The fools had used a live current to make a hot plate of sort, to give you an idea of the degree to which they had debased the equipment. A bit hilarious as they could have manufactured a room full of cooking devices with a simple schematic write up. Admittedly, one shouldn’t expect much from these being, whatever they are. It seemed they had chained a captive up in a corner, leaving said captive to defecate where he stood… disgustingly near to where they ate. Like I said: debased.

We have mag-locked the door behind us to let the manufacturing to unimpeded as we explore more of the ship.

Oh, yes, and I should mention one of our group has fallen from illness or poison. See the medical file of Mr. Tate for more once I have him under observation.

General Entry 028, Date REDACTED
Location: Tower Elevator # REDACTED

The rest of the ship is similarly automated like manufacturing and the dock. However, it is not necessarily as directly useful. The food production facilities needs organic matter to actually prepare and we are unsure if the oxygen scrubbers and any associated hydroponics facilities are working. For all we know, we are breathing diminishing oxygen stores. I would be worried if it wasn’t for the size of the ship. We likely have enough to go around with just the dregs.

Then again, we are sharing the ship with more than just space mites [see zoological logs]. As we made our way towards a VIP area, we noticed some humanoid peaking at us from ahead. We did not catch a good look, even after I had Haro start recording corner checks. The Miralukan did his little invisibility trick again, and surprised them. They apparently scattered after he disarmed most of them. A missed opportunity as all he could tell us was they appeared human or near-human.

Our path has been obstructed again by mechanical issues, in this case an elevator whose shaft has been obstructed. A simple matter for Shoja, who is rather handy to have around, and I. Once clear, I hope to find more amiable being higher in the ships. We seem to be moving closer towards intelligent life.

Medical File: Cerun Tate. Date REDACTED

Subject was found immobile but stable outside of the manufacturing area. Immediate examination showed him to have no trouble breathing but otherwise was unresponsive. First prognosis was either an unknown poison or an unknown fast acting air-borne illness. Before continuing on, we returned to the Silver Didiford for more complete observation.

Assisted by Dr. Voll, we confirmed that Tate had been stricken down by a previously unknown poison. It will take some time to develop an antidote, if such a thing is possible. However, as per the orders that REDACTED has given us, we won’t be immediately attempting to bring him out of the coma and instead will REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED for now. If experimentation is needed, we will just have to use an alternate body. We will try to find one discretely but Dr. Voll will of course be made to volunteer if necessary. I will of course, at least wait till his recent bruises have healed.


Teleute Teleute

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