Ex:SWTOR 2, There is only Passion

Session 05

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Excerpts from Kalaa Maa’s Observation Log

General Entry 042, Date REDACTED
Location: Shared Area of the The Silver Didiford.

Well, Dirky is REDACTED up more than usual. Contaminating the bay with chemicals… at least he didn’t contaminate it the same way as before. And apparently, the contamination coming into contact with what is effecting Cerun Tate creates a rather interesting toxin. That is at least interesting. If nothing else, Dirky is rarely boring.

In other not boring news, Kast was up to violent shady business as suspected. He apparently scouted a junction being occupied by some raiders with an eye for liberating it and the slaves within. It was apparently the side of a grand, for the villagers atleast, battle and why one of the major fountains is no longer functioning. Shoja is constructing some arc grenades to serve as distractions so that Kast can poison the raiders’ beds. I’m hitching myself to this as well. Beyond making a simple poison, I think I am going to bring Minion along. If this raid is successful, he will probably be lauded by his peers, which may be useful in the near future.

Also, what the hell else do I have going on?

General Entry 045, Date REDACTED
Location: Ttriwk’s Warrior Village

We’ll that was more a slaughter than a raid. Luckily we had to do a little clean up, so minion got his glorious battle, some heroic injuries, and some liberated slave to take back to their village. I’ve instructed the other former slaves and set them to shore up the settlement which is now theirs. Gave a rather nice speech if I do say so myself.

The more interesting important matter is this one raider. While Kast was poisoning the beds, this raider and this raider alone looked at a point above the central fountain, towards what appeared to be nothing, and started crying. He then pack a few of his things, killed the two gears at the entrance, and left. Shoja followed him while Kast, Minion, and I dealt with the aftermath.

As Shoja tells it, the man went far into the bottom of the ship, wrangled a selection of different space plankton, and then returned to make amends with the former slaves with his gifts and the promise of no more violence. He left again at this point, as oddly as he came.

This requires resolving.

General Entry 048, Date REDACTED
Location: Cole Edmir’s Camp

Led by Shoja, we tracked the man to his camp. Shoja attempted some pleasantries but he is apparently quite the quiet stoic sort. I pushed things a bit more to the point. The man’s name is apparently Cole Edmir and what made him cry was, he claims, the revelation of some glowing being. I don’t know about any glowing entities but he is strongly suffused with the Force. Sure, it is the wrong aspect but what can you do? As for as I can tell, this is some sort of intense Force awakening. Maybe he is naturally gifted or maybe there is some… thing that did this. There is not enough yet to go on.

At the least, he seems to be worth allying with for now, since he seems to have intimate knowledge of the ship. Indeed, he seems to be convinced that he will stay with us until showing us to particular sections, which suites me as I want to check out the highest floors. The prospect seems to make Kast nervous, as he has sensed something off putting up there. I can wait for a bit, particularly as Shoja hopes to undertake a trip to the largest entertainment section. However, we only have so much time till the manufacturing of our ship’s new drive finishes.


Teleute Teleute

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