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Session 02

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The Derelict

Excerpts from Kalaa Maa’s Observation Log +7xp

General Entry 018, Date REDACTED
Location: Shared Area of the The Silver Didiford. (Corellian Vanguard-Class)

Kast has entered the… it almost isn’t fair to call it a ship. At some point you must make a judgement defining the deference between a construct made for moving people or things and… an artificial city? A super weapon? What do you call something over 20 klicks long in space? Usually an asteroid or a small moon… Ultimately, I am still not sure what this derelict is or if it is even as derelict as it seems.

What I can tell thus far is that much of the docking procedure is automated, which makes sense for something this size. There appears to be a long port running the length of the visible side which, given the size of the singular docking bay Kast is in, points to an immense capacity for in and out going traffic. I lean towards the theory that much of this must have been commercial… but it should be noted that there are at least 5000 basic sub-light-speed fighter craft.

We are entering via the same simple procedure Kast, used. I expected the interior to be as impressive as the exterior. Hopefully, it is just as… still.

General Entry 020, Date REDACTED
Location: Ancillary Security Station # REDACTED

The interior beyond the bay offers more clues but no definite answers. This ship obviously housed an immense number of people and attempted to provide for most of there needs, not simply the basics. For example, instead of simply providing some entertainment programming via terminals in quarters, there seems to have been what amounts to entertainment districts as one might find in a city. This continues to support my theory that the ship was not exclusively military but housed a substantial civilian population. Perhaps a colony vessel? Speculation, true, but speculation is the first step towards discovering fact.

To run this… world, immense amounts of power would have been needed. There is a basic schematic here in this security station listing 12 large main reactors and much supporting hardware throughout the ship. Not too surprising given that the needs of a large city had to be met along with the draw of a class 0.6 hyperdrive capable of pushing the derelict’s mass. We are heading to one of the hyperdrives now, ostensibly to take one and repair the ship… which I find doubtfully possible. Our technology is compatible, as was seen when our trooper was able to charge his weapon at what appeared to be a civilian recharging station. However, something tell me the drive will be too large and unwieldy to move or attach to the Silver Didiford. Whoever built this, they certainly did not believe in miniaturization.

Zoological Entry 01, Date REDACTED

Well, there is certainly life on this ship. Unfortunately, it is more nuisance than help. Two of our… esteemed fellow apprentices chose to go off on their own once we landed on the derelict and the initial encounters with the parasites were theirs. Kast walked straight into a floating mass of Void Plankton, a simple lifeforms in many ways analogous to the microscopic foundational lifeforms of many planets’ oceanic ecosystems. Like most things on this ship, however, they are not diminutive. I learned this as Kast flung one at me to observe more closely… he claims. I have a good sense of its mass and dimensions as I batted it back at him and saw it… splat against the wall.

Shoja was more careful in her encounter and for good reason. The Plasma Leeches, again much larger than the word ‘leeches’ normally implies, gave off enough heat to melt metal paneling along the derelict’s interior. Indeed, when we encountered them again, they almost seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle as we apprentices are all close combatants and would have ahd difficultly approaching the creatures. Luckily, we have troopers and troopers have guns. While I have no plans on being in the cross hairs of such arms anytime soon, I must remember to develop my capabilities to deal with such situations. Less I end up like the poor, disgusting plasma leeches, I should work to disabuse myself somewhat of some of the more unnecessary Sith affectations, such as the tendency to rely exclusively on a saber.


Teleute Teleute

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