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Excerpts from Kalaa Maa’s Observation Log

General Entry 030, Date REDACTED
Location: Ttriwk’s Warrior Village

We’ve met our first group of people and they are not a debased as I thought they would be. Far from the hotplate squatters we found evidence of, these people seem to have actually found a way to sustain an agrarian lifestyle. They even have a strong social structure to provide direction and guidance, evidenced by our first contact through one Elder Ttriwk.

From what Ttriwk has told us and by observing the mixed village of primarily Wookies and Noghri (see Zoological logs to information on these races of humanoid), these people have been here a very long time. Centuries at minimum. It seems they were possible slaves of the original operators of this ship, with different races being forced to work in different areas of the ship towards different ends. In addition to the Wookies and the Noghri, there are lemuroid Lurmen and their are references to an avian Mriss people.

While these folks seem to heavily value honor and warrior prowess, they have developed agriculture using some functions of the ship like ornamental fountains, a severely limited stock of seeds, and recycled space plankton husks for soil and fertilizer. Quite impressive, really. They have turned what looks like an old entertainment district into a more than just sustainment-level life village.

Our arrive is apparently cause for some minor celebration. Apparently, they don’t come across new groups of people who aren’t raiders very often. Thus, a modest feast is apparently in order. I’m going to monitor their preparations and see in what ways I can help. Their assistance could be useful until we repair the ship.

Botanical Entry 01, Date REDACTED

These people already have a very efficient system set up. The base of everything is the herding of space plankton. In addition to the body and slime being used to various purposes, the dried remains are ground into a fine substrate that works as a nutritious faux soil. This is further fortified with feces taken from an junction of the ships sewage. Quite clean and ingenius given the circumstances.

The choke point in their agriculture comes at the level of biological variety. Indeed, there seem to be almost more races of people than races of plants. They appear to have a crossbreeding project in place that has produced a modicum of variety. From what looks like ojomian white onions they have made a yellow onion or vice versa. It only took them, most likely, a few hundred years…

The choke point comes down to a lack of seed variety. I’ve done a nutrient analysis of the soil with Haro’s sensors and compared their available profiles with the stores of provisions on the ship. I think the two following fruits we can provide will be viable in the village and will provide the best nutrition.

Meiloorun Fruit
Jogan Fruit

I’m certain the Elder will be pleased by my results. Easy points with these people. Especially when I introduce some possibilities for crossbreeding. Their onions can be further varied with our vegetable stocks and crossbreeding.

One last note, or more accurately, a puzzle. By all rights, these people should be malnourished. Their lack of fruits at the least should have lead to various vitamin deficiencies. At the moment, I don’t have an answer to this but perhaps their ingenuity goes beyond what I have seen thus far.

General Entry 034, Date REDACTED
Location: Ttriwk’s Warrior Village

Well. That went better than expected. And I expected it to go well. Hundreds of years eating onion and space plankton gruel apparently does a number on a people. I showed Elder Ttriwk my plans and instructions and out group went from an exiting surprise to heros of the people almost in an instant. Any more accolades and we would have been in a parade…

It is… off putting. Attention isn’t sometime I seek or do well with.

Regardless, we’ve definitely won us some allies. Heck, one of the warriors has pledged himself to me. I’ve dubbed him Minion and took him to the ship, of which he was suitably awed. My fellow apprentices are similarly taking advantage of our new position. Shoja has apparently acquired a domicile from some one the higher ranked members of the society while I’m guessing Kast is going to attack the communities enemies to gain favor. It’s almost a shame we will be leaving in a bit. Brings to mind what that creepy Lurman whispered to me, passing it off as prophecy to the crowd:

“Fake it, till you make it.”


Teleute Teleute

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